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To place an order simply fill in the form below,
email or call 01206 766647

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Simply fill in the form below to place your order. Just work your way down the form picking an option from each section and we'll know what you'd like us to print.

If the files are under 10mb then you can attach them to the order form below or send to us on email to OR if they're larger than 10mb we recommend using to avoid them bouncing back.

What happens next? Your files will be checked thoroughly and we'll let you know if anything needs tweaking. You'll then receive an invoice for payment before we go to print.

Zine Order Form
CRUCIAL DELIVERY DISCLAIMER: Our standard delivery slot is 9am to 5.30pm. THE PACKAGE WILL NEED A SIGNATURE ON ARRIVAL. If you can't stay in all day then we offer a pre12 delivery for £12 more or pre9.30am for an additional £18. We will dispatch your printing on time but if the courier cant find your address or they receive no reply at the door then this will cause a delay in delivery and your deadline could be missed. Additionally couriers don't have the time to phone each customer so the address should be easy to locate and deliver to or, again, this will cause a delay.
Please choose one size from the choices above. This should be the same size as your artwork.
Remember this has to be an EVEN number. Your cover counts as 4 pages. For wire stitched zines the total must be a multiple of 4, ie: 8,12,16,20
Wire Stitching (two staples on the a magazine) is best for upto 40 pages. For 40 pages or more then Perfect Binding will look best (a square, glued a book
Your cover stock should be thicker than your text pages.
We ALWAYS suggest matt laminating the outside of your cover if you go for 200gsm or thicker and you have full ink coverage. This prevents cracking when the card is folded. (If you have a white background on the cover then laminating wont be necessary because there is no ink to crack)
How many Zines would you like?

Thanks for your ordering your Zines from Ex Why Zed!
We'll check your file and contact you shortly with payment details